KESSEL是一家有60年历史的总部位于德国的建筑给排水系统产品供应商,2013年成立中国子公司。 主要产品有 污水提升装置及预制泵站, 油脂分离器(餐厨及矿物油), 单向排水阀,地漏系列产品(室内/外 及卫浴), 特殊定制产品。 主要应用: 建筑排水领域, 如: 公共建筑 及商业建筑排水, 餐饮综合提排水, 别墅民用建筑排水 主要客户:商业或住宅地产开发商(甲方业主),建筑总包公司和机电安装公司,设计院及机电顾问或管理公司 销售方式及渠道: 项目: 大客户及集采客户的战略合作, 项目代理商,零售: 渠道销售 Kessel China was established in 2013, as subsidiary Kessel AG,. factory is located in Changshu with 4 branch offices in Shanghai / Beijing/ Shenzhen / Chengdu. KESSEL AG is one of the leading suppliers in building drainage solution and products which has around 60 years of history, and headquartered in Lenting, Germany. Products Portfolio: Lifting Station, Pump Station, Grease Separator (For kitchen waste water and mineral oil), Backwater valve, Drains (indoor/outdoor, both drains,), and Customized products. Main applications: Building drainage for Public buildings, Commercial buildings, Hotels, and Private houses and villa, etc. Main customers: Developers/ Owners / Contractors / Installation companies of Commercial or Residential Buildings, and also Mechanical & Electrical Constancy, Design institutes Sales Mode and Channel: Project: Key accounts (centralized purchasing), Strategic alliance account, and project dealers, Retail: channel sales (wholesalers and dealers)





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