Circuitronix aim to be an effective and efficient source of components for electronic applications used across several industries - automotive, health, telecommunication, security, home entertainment and other industrial areas by entering into equity/strategic partnerships with manufacturers. Our success lies in the ability to match and exceed your requirements in terms of cost, quality and time. Which means significant cost savings for customers like you. Our core competence is based on robust processes for determining market trends and needs, nurturing relationships and measuring customer satisfaction. We are committed to leveraging our worldwide operations and alliances to provide you with a full range of solutions in the manufacturing and design of electronic parts and products. Customer driven results are the basis of our quality benchmarks, which combined with a stringent procedural discipline (woven in the entire organization - from the associates on the assembly line to executive management) assist us in delivering the most advanced technology solutions that span the entire product life cycle. We provide support to our customers from product concept to commercialization, by leveraging worldwide resources in the following areas: Quality at the parts and components' level. Reliable services in terms of dovetailing deliveries to match manufacturing schedules. Total cost leadership. Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Testability (DFT) support. Competitive piece price, optimization of freight methods, vendor managed inventories (VMI). Global sourcing and minimizing taxes & duties. Circuitronix believes in constantly raising the levels of competencies and capabilities of its employees by creating an environment that ensures both professional and personal growth.





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