PEER于1941年在美国成立,是一家高速增长的全球化轴承生产制造商,提供可靠的球和滚子轴承解决方案。 目标行业为农业机械、电机电器、流体动力、工业传动、物料输送及非公路机械。 PEER有响应度高、适应性强的制造及服务能力,制造单位通过了ISO/TS 16949认证。 强有力的质量保证体系确保PEER可以交付高度稳定一致的产品。 在全球,PEER有超过1800名员工,在巴西、中国、德国、意大利、墨西哥及美国有销售运营公司,并在中国设有研发中心和数家制造厂。 从2008年开始,PEER成为SKF集团的一员,并继续作为独立品牌通过PEER的销售及供应渠道运营。 PEER营造一种专业的工作环境,鼓励员工的参与、重视员工的意见、支持员工的个人发展。在PEER工作不仅仅是拥有一份事业,更是进入一个充实的个人及职业生涯的大家庭。 PEER was founded in USA in 1941 and is a fast growing manufacturer and global supplier of reliable ball and roller bearing solutions. Its target industries are Agricultural, Electrical, Fluid, Industrial Transmission, Material Handling and Off-Highway. PEER has responsive and adaptive manufacturing and service capabilities and its manufacturing units are ISO/TS 16949 certified. Its strong quality system ensures the delivery of highly consistent quality products. Globally, PEER employs over 1,800 people and has sales operations in Brazil, China, Germany, Italy, Mexico and USA, and along with the R&D Centre and several manufacturing plants in China. PEER has become a member of the SKF Group in 2008 and continues to operate as an independent brand through the PEER Sales and Supply channels. PEER fosters a professional working environment where employee involvement is encouraged, ideas valued and individual development supported. Working at PEER is not just about having a career; it’s about being a part of a family that is both personally and professionally enriching.





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