Food Vending China is a WOFE (wholly foreign owned enterprise), founded in Shanghai on January 2006 and operating in the food production since the end of the same year. The company, that has a fully paid registered capital of 2.1 million Euros and employes 50 staffs, operates through two brands: 富文食品(上海)有限公司属外商独资企业,公司于2006年1月在上海注册,同年底开始经营运作,主要专注于西式食品生产及配送。 公司实际注册资本为210万欧元,目前拥有员工合计50人,设有两个独立品牌: ? Dorando Food Service, for the professional channel 多仑多配餐服务 - 专业批发渠道 ? Nicola Coppi, for the retail channel. 倪克厨房 - 市场零售渠道 Dorando Food Service Under this brand we produce a large range of genuine Italian and international food specialties, either fresh or frozen and with different options of readiness degree (raw, pre-cooked, cooked). Though still offering a large range of standard products, we have specialized in “on demand production”, either as central kitchen for catering chain or as production center for private labels. 多仑多餐饮配餐服务 公司品牌Dorando我们主要生产意大利系列食品以及国际特色菜。根据食品的特性,新鲜生产冷藏或者冷冻的多种菜式。(生制品,半成品,成品) 我们坚持为客户提供大批量的标准产品,根据顾客需求,生产特制产品。不管是做为餐饮配餐批发渠道或作为零售渠道或者是做为委托生产厂商,我们都能做到紧密合作。 Nicola Coppi We have recently launched a line of ready meals for the retail channel, proposing in a new high class packaging and with this new dedicated brand some of the frozen products we offer since long with our company lunch service. 倪克厨房 我们特定一条流水线生产成品做为零售,我们为零售渠道,推出自有品牌优质包装的冷冻食品。这是我们公司从商务午餐配送服务中挑选的畅销菜式。





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